Trust Your Taste 021

Happy New Year from Trust Your Taste!

Cheese ~ Storytelling ~ Authenticity ~ Creativity

This week is off-format. A brief reflection on how far Trust Your Taste has come in a short time, an invitation, and gratitude for cheese and stories and YOU

Looking Back

I can’t believe we’ve already talked about 20+ cheeses and pairings, 20 themed stories, 20 farm to fables, and 20 AI art nightmares. If you haven’t been with us since the beginning, here is an easy way to catch up on any you missed (or if you want to re-read any 😉 )

I would love to know what your favorites have been so far. 

There are lots of new and exciting things coming in 2024 like partnerships, classes, events, and more…

I can’t wait to tell you about them, and please let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to know more about, or an experience you’d love to attend- anything!

We are building a mighty community of cheese and story lovers and I’m always interested in what you find most intriguing and exciting. 

More of what’s coming next year… 😋 

An Invitation

As we go into the new year, I invite you to reflect on the best things you’ve eaten and the best new stories you now have- either stories you were told, stories you have read/watched/listened to, or things you’ve experienced that have now been filed away and added into your Rolodex of “good stories” to tell others.

I would also encourage you to get curious about stories you want to know. 

Maybe there’s a book you’ve been meaning to read for a while. Maybe you’ve always been curious about a statue in your local park but never looked it up. Maybe you kinda figure you know how Christmas trees became so popular…or how New York City became the place where most Americans look to watch the new year begin- but do you know the stories?

Or maybe they are more personal-

Maybe you’ve always wanted to know the story of that one random chair at your friends house, or how a close couple in your life met, or what’s goin’ on with the fancy jacket collecting dust in your aunt’s closet, or that hat your cousin always wears but you’ve never asked about. 

I’ve recently been reminded by a friend’s beautiful tribute to a family member who passed away:

When things come to an end, stories are what stay.

What stories would you like to stay with you from this year?


As this year comes to an end, I really truly am in awe and gratitude that you are here, reading this. Thank you thank you thank you. 

My personal morning gratitude practice normally goes something like this:

I’m grateful for…

  1. Something in nature

  2. A person/people in my life

  3. Something about myself

  4. Something I’ve recently learned/in the process of learning

I am overflowing with gratitude right now but to make it simple- right now- as I’m writing this-these are what come to my mind:

I’m grateful for…

  1. Winter citrus and green land where cows can hang out

  2. You.

  3. Keeping this commitment to myself and not missing a week of writing this newsletter

  4. Learning how to slow down and listen to myself and others with the goal of understanding- not responding

I hope over the past few months, any part of this newsletter has helped you understand, explore, delight in, or Trust… Your Taste.

I wish you a 2024 filled with good cheese, great stories, and even better company to share in both. 

Until next year,


P.S. - Sunday Scaries

A terrifying AI image to help us all rest knowing AI bots could never replace a real human artist:

This week the prompt was “New York City new year’s eve ball drop but it’s a giant piece of cheese instead of the ball”

This looks more like the cheese alien spaceship that has finally descended among us to say “stop calling cheese boards without meat charcuterie boards”

…and we must obey. I don’t make the rules.