Trust Your Taste 030

Ewephoria and Resurrection

Cheese ~ Storytelling ~ Authenticity ~ Creativity

Happy Easter Sunday! Here’s something tasty, something true, and some musings on food in storytelling to ponder over your favorite Sunday Treat.


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Something Tasty: A cheese pairing to try


Tomorrow Easter candy will be heavily discounted, so I’m giving you a great cheese to pair with all of your leftover chocolate eggs.

This Dutch Gouda-style cheese is butterscotchy bliss. The lamb is a popular symbol on Easter, so I thought it’d be fun to have a sheep’s milk cheese- which this is! That’s why it’s “Gouda-style”.

There are a few boxes that need to be checked in order for a cheese to be considered a Gouda, and one of them is being made with cow’s milk.

I often pair Ewephoria with chocolate, because the combo tastes like a Butterfinger, but- I’ll say it- better. Milk or dark! It all works.

Miss the letter I wrote about a resurrected cheese?

Something True: A truth about myself

Resurrecting Parts of Ourselves

I couldn’t think of a photo so this is a collage of what my brain feels like today

Here’s the truth.

Easter (and springtime in general) has made me quite reflective.

It feels like the end of winter dragged on and now that it’s Spring we’re full steam ahead, and I haven’t taken many moments recently to slow down and…ponder?

Whether you’re religious or not, the themes of resurrection, forgiveness, and renewal are great things to think about when Spring comes.

There’s a bit more sunshine (and a bit more rain), life is coming back to gardens, and I have a little more energy to reinvest in myself.

As we move through life, parts of us die. Which sounds negative- but sometimes that’s a great thing.

We shed patterns and coping mechanisms that no longer serve us, quit habits that kept us stuck, or get rid of personalities we only put on to please other people.

Sometimes parts of us don’t die necessarily…but they get smaller, or they become hidden, tucked away from sight. And every once in a while, it’s a good idea to resurrect one of those parts of myself.

So these are the things I’d like to do this Spring:

Resurrect the part of me:

  • that was always ready to play

Forgive myself for:

  • only starting to really implement some of my new year’s resolutions now


  • my commitment to good sleep

Thinking about those helped me clear some space in my head, so I offer it to you that it might do the same.

Farm to Fable: How food shows up in storytelling 

Gene Autry sings Peter Cottontail

I leave you with Gene Autry singing this cute Easter song . Which might have been more instrumental (heh) than we know in what foods we still associate with Easter today.

Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hoppin' down the bunny trail
Hippity hoppin', Easter's on its way

Bringin' every girl and boy
Baskets full of Easter joy
Things to make your Easter bright and gay

He's got jelly beans for Tommy
Colored eggs for sister Sue
There's an orchid for your mommy
And an Easter bonnet too
Oh, here comes Peter Cottontail
Hoppin' down the bunny trail
Hippity hoppity, happy Easter Day

Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hoppin' down the bunny trail
Hippity hoppin', Easter's on its way

Try to do the things you should
Maybe if you're extra good
He'll roll lots of Easter eggs your way

You'll wake up on Easter mornin'
And you'll know that he was there
When you find those chocolate bunnies
That he's hiding everywhere
Oh, here comes Peter Cottontail
Hoppin' down the bunny trail

Hippity hoppity, happy Easter Day

Until next time,


P.S. - Sunday Scaries

A terrifying AI image to help us all rest knowing AI bots could never replace a real human artist:

This week the prompt was “A cow and a sheep enjoying spring.”

I’m so sorry. There’s no joy here. Only horrors.