The Virtual Trust Your Taste Workshop is Here!

You asked, we answered.

The virtual Trust Your Taste Workshop is here! As a perk of being a subscriber, you can get 10% off with code NEWSLETTER! Save the date- Sunday, July 28th 6pm ET.

The Trust Your Taste Workshop (virtual)

What if you could finally learn to trust your own taste, preferences, or intuitions? What if you could do that while journaling, talking to cool people, and eating delicious things?

The Trust Your Taste workshop is a deep dive into the joys and benefits of sensory memory where we taste, write, and reflect all while slowing down and indulging in some delicious artisanal treats.

Around 80-90% of taste is smell, and our sense of smell can be our quickest link to memory. Memory is the result of using our imagination to think about, feel, and ultimately preserve the past in our mind. Therefore, spending time with food memory, in itself, is a creative act.

Memory mining through writing exercises and guided discussion can spark ideas for new projects, connect the dots in current research, lead to group bonding, and even begin a process of healing.

It is also possible that by learning how to trust our own sense of taste, we can more confidently trust ourselves in other areas of life, and we’re going to find out how together.

By the end of this gathering, you will have some more knowledge about cheese, and lot more assurance that your experience is valid and true.

So grab your journal, three cheeses, and get ready to

Trust Your Taste!

What You’ll Need:

To register your spot on Eventbrite

Something to write with

Something to write on (preferably a journal)

Your memory wheel (you’ll get this in your inbox the week of the workshop)

Water for palate cleansing

Three cheeses (more about this on the event page)

See you there,